August 8, 2022

S5 Ep 27 - Reclaim Your Rebel with Lizzy Cangro

We take a deep vulnerable dive into reclaiming your healthy body in this episode, as well as some rebellious behaviors to help you alter your health and wellness. WATCH THE FULL YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE: 

Lizzy is an expert nutritionist, wellness coach, and author with a passion for helping other women silence their inner mean girl and confidently step into the body they love. Her unique framework consists of 12 Rebellious Acts in nutrition, movement, and mindset that empowers women to feel amazing in their bodies even if they’ve spent years at war with it. 

Her new book, Reclaim the Rebel, outlines these game-changing tools in an easy-to-read and practical format with exercises to accompany each rebellious act so that readers can transform the way they see themselves and their bodies as they progress through the book. It is like having your best friend on your bookshelf!

Lizzy describes her path from recovery to regaining compassion and unconditional love for her body.

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