July 25, 2022

S5 Ep 25 - How Juicing Enhances Wellness with Nastasha McKeon

What are the benefits of juicing and plant-based foods? How does it reboot our body and support immunity?

WATCH THE FULL YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/PSHb_tEz3vw 

These are both buzzwords, and in this episode, we have Nastasha McKeon to help us press the start button on our wellness journey. 

You'll also find out more about Natasha's personal journey which led her to launch her eatery and the positive impact of a plant-based lifestyle. 

Nastasha McKeon, is a mom, entrepreneur, and sustainable lifestyle enthusiast who founded Choice Superfoods Bar & Juicery with locations throughout San Diego County. She holds a certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and a holistic nutrition certificate from the National Healing Institute. Nastasha is also a raw food cleanse expert and has worked with other local brands assisting with product development, systems, education, and sales prior to starting Choice. 

Her passion is educating people about the impact of their food choices as it pertains to their long-term health as well as the health of our planet. Nastasha started Choice on June 18th of 2014 with her 1st store in Carlsbad and has gone on to open a total of six locations all over San Diego. Nastasha recently authored the book “Plant Food is Medicine” which shares her personal journey with health and wellness and includes over 100 of her favorite recipes, including some of the Choice Juicery favorites.

Enjoy Nastasha McKeon's inspiring story that will leave you with many health strategies you can apply to your own journey.

📌 Connect with Nastasha McKeon down below:

Website: https://www.choicejuicery.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nastasha.mckeon 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nastashamckeon/?hl=en 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nastasha-mckeon-30b5a7a7/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nastasha_mckeon


Blue Majik: https://www.e3live.com/p-7-blue-majik.aspx


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