November 22, 2021

S4 Ep 19 - Cooking With Intention (A Culinary Demo) with Chef Collin Goodine

Want to learn how to cook with intention? Can we cook and still reach our health goals? Find out as I interview Chef Collin who is a functional plant-based chef as we chat about this very topic and he will also showcase a culinary demo as well! Don't miss out! WATCH IT THE DEMO HERE:

Collin is a Plant-Based Chef and Culinary Coach that has been involved with Food from the age of 14. Chef Collin has been the Executive Chef of some of the finest wineries, restaurants, and hotels in Canada. He was founder, Chef, and CEO of one of the best High-end catering companies in the Niagara area, along with Co-owning and creating various restaurants and healthy smoothie bars. In the last 5 years, Chef Collin has been more focused on how food relates to health. Chef Collin is now the owner of UCC Inc and the founder of the D2R Method. His approach to food is one that creates confidence in the kitchen and deploys intention to eat. Chef Collin believes that with Functional cooking methods combined with intentional eating, every person can obtain their health goals, balance their lifestyle and ultimately prevent disease. This discovery has fueled a passion to focus on creating a balanced lifestyle and healthy food relationships for individuals around the globe with customized food solutions.

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