December 11, 2019

S 2 Ep 4 - Weight Loss That Works with Dr. Linda Hodges

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Hodges about the ins and outs of weight loss and what constitutes losing one's weight as healthfully as possible. 

Dr. Linda Hodges is a physician in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  She is triple boarded in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Obesity Medicine.  Linda is a self-proclaimed multi-potentialite....meaning she loves way too many parts of medicine..and life.  While she still practices intensive care medicine, which is where she only cares for people that are admired to the ICU, she also has two private clinics: one where she provides specialized treatment for those suffering from refractory PTSD and depression and one where she helps women with their weight loss journeys.  Since writing her book "Weight Loss that Works:  Secrets to Restoring Confidence and Reclaiming Your Body" she has moved most of her weight loss practice online and has started at a 12-week group coaching program based on methods that were successful in her clinic.  Linda is married with two children - a son who is 9 and a 16-year old daughter.

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FB/IG/Twitter: @drhealthyweight

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