September 13, 2021

S 4 Ep 10 - What You Need To Know About Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton

What to know about the health benefits of mushrooms? Join me as I interview Jeff Chilton, the president of Nammex. You don't want to miss this! WATCH THIS YOUTUBE VERSION HERE: 

In the late 60s after studying Ethno-mycology (the study of human-fungal interactions) at the University of Washinton Jeff began a career as a large-scale commercial mushroom grower. From there, with a lack of medicinal mushrooms and extracts available in the US market, he founded Nammex, the first certified organic mushroom extract and supplement company in the US. To this day, Jeff continues to spread awareness of all the incredible benefits mushrooms can have on the human body and informing the public that most mushroom extracts on the market aren’t even real!


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