August 10, 2020

S 3 Ep 6 - Plant-Based For Life with the Plant Trainers

In this brilliant episode of Thrive Bites, I sit down with the lovely couple of the Plant Trainers! Shoshana and Adam Chaim have faced a lot of personal odds with health that they decided to take their life back and in doing so has been leading others to do the same with a plant-based lifestyle! Take a listen!

Adam and Shoshana Chaim are the co-hosts of the popular Plant Trainers Podcast, helping you improve your quality of life through nutrition and fitness. They are both also public speakers and authors of the Yummy Foods Activity Book For Kids. After a major wake-up call with Adam’s health resulting in Shoshana’s PTSD, their family adopted a plant-based lifestyle and now thrive in all areas of their life.

Shoshana works with people one-on-one with to alleviate the stress in life caused by diet, lifestyle, and physical and mental illness to create healthier lives and support cellular health. Adam is a plant-based athlete and nutrition & fitness coach with over 20 years of experience and a certificate in plant-based nutrition. He is a 2X Ironman triathlete, completed several marathons and ultra runs, and swims and successfully helps individuals with their nutrition and athletic endeavors big or small. They live in Toronto, Canada with their 2 plant-based thriving kids!

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