June 1, 2021

S 3 Ep 23 - Prioritizing Our Mental Health with Dr. Harry Karydes

In this episode of Thrive Bites, I chat with the awesome Dr. Harry Karydes, a trained ER Doc, but also a physician mental health advocate. We talk about his rise to becoming an ER physician, his challenges with burnout and his switch to teaching others how to enhance our mental well-being. Check this out!

Dr. Harry Karydes is an emergency physician, medical toxicologist, and medical director who practices in the Chicagoland area. He understands the issues that physicians face every day. Stress, lack of motivation, and mental fatigue have become commonplace in medicine.

For years, he struggled to keep things balanced while growing at work and thriving at home, and his success came at the expense of his health and family.

He realized that he was beginning to experience burnout. He also saw colleagues and friends endure this silent struggle.

Something needed to change.

Much has been written on the strides we have made toward patient well-being and quality of life. Yet, there is little written on physician wellness. And there are even fewer resources for the struggling physician.

Dr. Karydes has crafted habits that focus on reaching personal and professional goals without sacrificing one for the other.

As a writer and national speaker who has a passion for physician wellness, he helps overwhelmed physicians, residents, and medical students to live a life of focus and balance. 

His mission is to give you the courage and the tools to learn, grow, and thrive in the important areas of your life.

His main platform is at www.medicinerevived.com where he has a blog and podcast.


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