February 24, 2021

S 3 Ep 20 - Traveling Without Boundaries with Dr. Paulina Buraczynski

In this episode of Thrive Bites, I sit down with Dr. Paulina B to learn the values of traveling more not just with ourselves, but also with our little loved ones in a very safe manner during these times and for the future. Take a listen!

Her short bio, "My name is Paulina Buraczynski, and am a general pediatrician. I am married to another physician, who is a cardiac electrophysiologist, and have two daughters, a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old. I have lived in few different countries which has sparked my interest in traveling at an early age. I’ve been fortunate to travel to over 55 countries, in hopes of continuing to add to that count, but now with my two daughters. In the last three years, my traveling has changed and I added a new travel buddy - my daughter. I’ve picked up tips and strategies along the way because traveling with kids is an entirely different game." 

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