June 15, 2020

S 3 Ep 2 - Slaying Self-Sabotage & Rocking Your Relationships with Coach Megan Church

In this excellent episode of Thrive Bites, I sit down with my good friend and multi-talented Meg Church and we talk about unpacking ourselves and thereby our different blocks on our relationships. Especially the one we have with ourselves. 

Meg Church is known as the Self Sabotage Slayer. Her mission is to help you “get out of your own way.” Meg uses her arsenal of teaching tools to help you SLAY self-sabotage & ROCK your relationships.

She combines her culinary, integrative nutrition, & physical training, plus her obsession with personal development & faith to help realign your relationship with yourself. Meg uses her own self-sabotaging journey openly as a catalyst to connect more deeply, after years of feeling isolated, shame, rejection, & betrayal after struggling with her own body, relationships, business, & faith.

She teaches using online programs, a membership site, 1-on-1 coaching, and speaking platforms to reach you right where you’re at. Her motto is: | Lead. Love. Learn. Live On |

Social Media Links:

Website: www.megchurch.com

Self Sabotage Slayers Facebook Community


Facebook: Megan Church

Instagram: @MegChurchLLC

Email: Meg@MegChurch.com

*Interview views are opinions of the individual. This podcast is not a source of medical advice*

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