February 8, 2021

S 3 Ep 19 - Making Mental Health Stylish with Dr. Vania Manipod

In this episode of Thrive Bites, I sit down with Dr. Vania Manipod and we address how mental health is perceived and how different mental health can be and even make it stylish! We have a very open and vulnerable conversation on why mental health doesn't need to be a stigma. Take a listen!
Dr. Vania Manipod is a board-certified psychiatrist, speaker, assistant professor, writer, and media contributor based in Orange County, California. Dr. Manipod has built an international following on social media, particularly through her Instagram @freudandfashion and blog freudandfashion.com, which aims to break the stigma of mental health and educate the public about psychiatry. She connects with her audience by being transparent about her own struggles. Dr. Manipod is a contributor to various publications, radio, TV news, and talk shows, and is also an internationally invited speaker on topics such as social media, career burnout, traumatic brain injury, and mental health.
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