February 5, 2020

S 2 Ep 13 - The Power of Community with Dr. Rizwan Bukhari

In this episode of Thrive Bites, I sit down with Dr. Bukhari about his journey into lifestyle medicine and building a community that thrives.
Rizwan H. Bukhari, M.D., F.A.C.S., grew up in Dallas, Texas, before attending Johns Hopkins University, followed by medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School. He also did his five-year general residency in Dallas, and then did a two-year fellowship in Vascular Surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, he received specialized training in advanced minimally invasive procedures. He has been practicing vascular surgery in Dallas for more than 20 years. He mainly serves the east side of Dallas and Mesquite. His primary hospital is Baylor Sunnyvale, where he formerly was the Chief of Surgery. Currently, he serves on their Board of Directors and Board of Managers, and next year he will be the Chief of Staff of the hospital.
Dr. Bukhari lectures and teaches about plant-based nutrition and how it relates to our overall health. He has a specific interest in nutrition as it relates to cardiovascular disease. He has 4 main missions. He wants to educate individuals to empower them to take control of their own health through better nutrition and better lifestyle choices. He wants to unite, elevate, and grow the Dallas plant-based community. Thirdly, he hopes to educate other healthcare professionals and physicians on the importance of plant-based nutrition so they, too, can incorporate this into their patient education and treatment. Lastly, he wants to reach out to medical students and residents in training to teach them about plant-based nutrition, understanding that they will be the future leaders to teach our patients.
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