January 22, 2020

S 2 Ep 12 - A Story About Triumph with Tal Kapoor

In this fantastic episode of Thrive Bites, I speak with Tal Kapoor about her health journey and how she went from a troubling health condition to triumphing it and being co-owner of Crossfit Aviator!

Tal says, "Born and raised in Jamaica. I was an athlete from Tween to teen years doing Track, Tennis, Netball, and Swimming. I moved to Los Angeles at age 21 in 1995 to study Interior Design at UCLA. Graduated 1999 as Valedictorian and went on to practice design for high-end hotels such as Ritz Carlton and Westin in Korea and China. Married in 2001 and have 2 kids, son 16 and daughter 14.

By Jan 2018 my health was in bad shape with massive weight gain from self-care neglect over the years, along with High BP, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and still suffering from PCOS since afar 13. I was given a devastating diagnosis from my doctor. I was on the verge of diabetics and would likely be on dialysis in 10 years. Confessing this to my dear friend, she shook me into action to change my lifestyle and nutrition. I’ve lost a total of 82lbs since April 2018 thanks to the products she introduced me to. My BP, Cholesterol, and Blood Sugars are all normal and I no longer suffer from PCOS! The best part is I’m off all Rx meds!

Early this year I closed my private design business after 22 years and became part owner of CrossFit Aviator. I feel amazingly healthy and happy doing what I do and sticking with healthy nutrition because I know better now and my life and longevity with my kids and husband depend on it."

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