August 14, 2019

S 1 Ep 15 - Manifesting The Life That We Want with Terra Rose Ganem

In this episode, I have this extended interview with Terra Rose Ganem, a powerhouse coach, and speaker, about coming back to ourselves and igniting that fire to creating the life that we want! 

Dedicated to helping people create a life of freedom, Terra Rose Ganem uses the platform of social entrepreneurship as an avenue to unleash her dreams to the world, serve her community and do it from a place of total alignment with her soul. She leverages the powerful life and business lessons being an entrepreneur offers to support others in rapidly reconnecting to their authentic & unstoppable inner power, create brilliant energy & live their passions through her coaching and speaking. She is highly intuitive and uses this gift to greatly shorten the distance between those she works with and their success. Her methodologies create confidence in their natural skills and build on their existing inner strengths. At, Terra shares the lessons, experiences, stories, and tools she has to help you ignite and cultivate your authentic inner power, living from a place of joy and flow to make your biggest dreams a reality. Additionally, she may be the world’s biggest fan of alliteration, walking around barefoot and raw chocolate. She loves all things adventurous/outdoors, thought-provoking conversations about the universe, and is currently building two companies in the superfood product realm and developing a hydroponic/biodynamic community-driven farm. 

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