May 9, 2022

S5 Ep 13 - Enhancing Chiropractic Care with Plants & Low-Toxin Living with Dr. Peacock

What is Chiropractic Care? How can we bridge the gap and lead a naturally healthy and toxin-free life? WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE: 

In this podcast, we unpacked Dr. Stephanie Peacock's journey from being a competitive swimmer to a Chiropractor and certified plant-based nutritionist.

Dr. Stephanie Peacock, DC is a former US national champion swimmer now coaching individuals on optimal plant-based nutrition. She also does wellness coaching surrounding the removal of environmental toxins from your home. 

She did her residency at TrueNorth Health Center supervising water fasting patients. Stephanie works virtually as a nutrition & wellness coach, specializing in individual meal plans, athletic requirements, and weight loss. 

Follow her on social media at @wfpb_doctor



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