July 12, 2021

S 4 Ep 1 - Everything You Need To Know About Green Tea with Kiyomi Koike

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This season of Thrive Bites will now be on YouTube in addition to all podcast platforms! We are going to host a LIVE Q&A format and my first guest is scheduled to air July 7th, Wed 5 pm PST, and she is a green tea expert. 

Kiyomi's Bio: Desperate to help her husband survive stage III cancer, Kiyomi researched intensively to find a better way of getting the health benefits of green tea. Kiyomi's mission is to share her discoveries with American folks by offering the purest and simplest form of "Ground Green Tea." When asked "why Green Tea," she answers, "Because Green Tea Powder is the simplest and easiest addition anyone can make to his or her diet in order to improve health." She believes a small habitual change could lead to a significant outcome in the long run.

EGCG Correction: "An observed safe level of 704 mg EGCG/day could be considered for GTEs consumed in beverage form." 

Link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0273230018300928


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