January 16, 2020

S 2 Ep 11 - A Chef’s Unlikely Path with Chef Dr. Michelle Hauser (Part 2)

In this exciting double episode of Thrive Bites, I sit down with Chef Dr. Michelle on a personal and intimate look into her origins on becoming a prominent voice in culinary medicine.

Dr. Hauser is board certified in internal medicine and completed medical school, internal medicine residency, the Zuckerman Fellows Program in Leadership & Public Service, and a Master of Public Policy and Administration degree at Harvard, as well as a Master of Science in Epidemiology and Clinical Research and the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at Stanford. She is a certified chef via Le Cordon Bleu and a Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine where she has also served on the Board of Directors and published the Culinary Medicine Curriculum—the first comprehensive, open-source culinary medicine curriculum for health professional training programs.

Her research, clinical, and community projects blend her training in medicine, public policy, nutrition, epidemiology, and culinary arts to focus on improving education and access to delicious, healthy food for medical professionals, patients, and the general public. Her research has been published in top medical and nutrition journals, such as JAMA and AJCN, and she has been interviewed about cooking and health by media organizations such as the New York Times, Bloomberg News, CNN, the Washington Post, NPR, Stanford Medicine, and Harvard Health Publications.

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